Guangdong Haishuntong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is an international freight transport logistics enterprise established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China in 2012. The registered capital of the company is RMB 10 million. It serves international transport of goods, import and export logistics from China to the world, Shipping, International courier, International shipping, Third-country port transshipment, Global shipping FCL, LCL, Customs clearance services, Shipping Taiwan Express Air, Sea Freight American Express Air, Sea Freight International, Land, Sea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand , Philippine, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia's ASEAN countries and the Middle East round-trip delivery, Australia, New Zealand and Russia are now opened routes.

Contact information

Dongguan Head Office: 86-769-23062309 86-13532681960 Micro Signal: 13712719036

Shenzhen Branch: 86-755-23290633 86-13686443732 Micro Signal: TWSHIPPING

Guangzhou Branch: 86-020-82119481 86-15989006838 Micro Signal::13532683776

QQ number online: 1804997491 (Manager Zhang) 1752537316 (Miss Chen) 2698941890 (Huang Sheng)


Mainland - Taiwan cargo classification table

one type:

Elevators sponge blackboard alarm clocks cartons pillow hair accessories nails clip mold directory zipper umbrella oil photo frames PVC plate furniture plastic tube plastic strips bamboo products business cards plastic boxes plastic ring plastic bags plastic tape shipping orders phone sets mobile rope fishing bag

Calculator Handlebars Blister Box Plastic Bottle Tool Stationery Accessory Flashlight Plastic Button Paper Bag Plastic Button Plastic Tablecloth Model Car Glasses Case

Sewing Accessories Plastic Stickers Metal Buttons Glass Containers Golf Christmas Supplies Metal Tableware Convenience Bags (Plastic) Racks Brass / Zinc Seals

Plastic Tray Plastic Raincoat Stationery Cosmetic Tools General Jewelery (Non-imitation) Resin / Glass Crafts Curtains Pearls / Curtains Pull-Ring Brush Makeup

Two categories:

Drill headsets signs curtains slippers red packets bags bags Baotou the first belt buckles bicycle cartridges shoes head magnifying glass telescope fish accessories pet clothing plastic gloves

Glass Containers Glass Dishes Glass Bowl Household Remover Ceramic Crafts Computer Camera Link Lanyard Machine Simple Parts Wired Microphone / Telephone Sewing Machine Handpiece & Accessories Plastic / Fluff / Toys Musical Instruments (Excluding Electric Guitars)

Three categories:

Gloves Hats Scarves Bandana Cutters Sandpaper Horn Charger Buzzers Bulbs Killer Rack Drawer Locks Pumps Series Electric Carpet

Ceramic Tableware Monitor Housings Pet Bed / House Jade Handicrafts Pneumatic Tools Exhaust Fan / Heatsink Golf Car Rearview Mirror Car Emergency Light

Four categories:

Magnet switch ink toner blanket quilt tie leather lubricants thermometer scale antenna cloth wiper pressure gauge wig type electric razor gas welding gun head wired mouse blank circuit board power supply sun drying drum (copy)

Five categories:

Motor cloth resistance capacitance card reader massage sticks multimeter exhaust pipe bumper mixer shock absorber circuit board (with parts) tapping machine grinding machine packing machine reducer


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