International Express Parcel Requirements

1. The express agent should correctly determine the type of shipment. Except for commercial documents and data letters belonging to the category of "documents", the rest belong to the category of "packages," and only document items can be loaded into the document envelope, even if they are small pieces of fabrics, Plastics and similar items cannot be shipped as documents. Parcel shipments are required to provide two copies of the company invoice in the form of the company's name and stamp the company's seal. The invoice should list the name, quantity, origin, and value of the customs declaration of the dispatched shipment. Please fill in the name in Chinese. Special goods (strongly professional items) provide Chinese and English names. Please provide a packing list for the mixed goods. The Guangdong Haishang Communication Association will declare to the customs strictly in accordance with the contents of the formal invoices provided by the shipment.

2. The express agent shall require the sending company to stamp its company's seal on the waybill. At the same time, the company name, address, zip code (important for shipments to the United States), telephone and fax, and contact name provided on the waybill should be true and accurate, neat writing, and the wrong address and telephone number will affect the express mail. Delivery and transfer. Guangdong Haishangtong does not generally accept POBOX addresses. Except for the Chinese address acceptable to Hong Kong and Taiwan, the recipient information must be completed in English.

3. The billing weight of a shipment is determined by comparing the actual weight (gross weight) of the shipment with the weight of the shipment, whichever is larger. The volumetric weight is calculated using the longest X, the widest X, and the highest 6000. The DHL and UPS are different. They are now changed to the longest X, the widest X, and the highest 5000, measured in centimeters (Cm). 1 centimeter carry for the next 1 centimeter length, if the actual weight of the express mail is 29.5 kilograms, the express size is 45.1X66.3X59.9, then the volumetric weight is calculated as 46X67X60/6000 = 31.0 kilograms, and the actual weight and the volumetric weight are combined to obtain the billable weight For 31 kilograms, 46X67X60/5000=37.0 kilograms if the DHL or UPS is taken, and the combined actual weight and volumetric weight results in a billable weight of 37 kilograms. Guangdong Haishangtong's international shipments for transit are strictly calculated according to this method. In principle, volumetric weight is not calculated for Hong Kong express delivery, but when the volume weight of a light-bubbled cargo exceeds 50% of the actual weight, the billable weight of the express ticket is = (actual weight + volumetric weight)/2, for example: express mail With a weight of 120 kg and a weight of 180 kg, the chargeable weight is (120+180)/2=150 kg.

Receiving limit

1. Our company does not accept flammable, explosive, perishable, live, compressed gas, toxic or other dangerous goods or liquids that are liable to leak or corrode articles; obscene articles and pirated intellectual property goods (such as imitation of brand-name products, etc.), antiques , Unknown powdered articles, chemical products, and articles that are banned by the Chinese Customs, which are expressly banned from importing and exporting, and those that are banned by the customs of the importing country.

2. Fragile, afraid of moisture, invertible, easy to leak, and other express mails that require special packaging or special loading and unloading services. The express mail agent or the shipping company provides reliable packaging, and clearly marks the precautions to avoid the express mail during transportation. Damaged.

4. The weight of every single piece of express mail should not exceed 30kg, and the length of one side should not exceed 100Cm, but there is no limit on the number of pieces and the total weight of express tickets. If the total weight of one-piece overweight, long-length express mail or one-vote express mail exceeds 200kg, please notify us in advance for special dispatch or transit arrangements.

Destination and incidentals

1. Items that are subject to import restrictions by the customs of the destination country or region or articles that require the recipient to provide customs clearance documents shall be provided by the receiving company to assist in customs clearance.

2. The Customs of the country or region of destination should levied customs duties or other miscellaneous customs fees on imported shipments, as well as the cost of the required documents produced by the receiving company for customs clearance, which shall be paid in full by the receiving company.

3, for the DHL international express delivery remote areas delivery costs, DHL charges per kilogram HKD3, the minimum charge is HKD150 per ticket, our company will receive a list of remote areas faxed to the courier company.

Claims and returns

1. Due to the subjective factors of our company, the negligence in the operation or human negligence will cause the damage or loss of express mail. Our company is responsible for compensation.

2. Delays or damages due to force majeure such as strikes, wars, natural disasters, flight delays or government actions, or due to incorrect or untimely processing of shipments by the shipper, incorrect address or invoices provided by the customer. Or, the company is not responsible for any loss or delay of customs clearance caused by the customs company’s failure to cooperate with customs clearance or the provision of customs clearance documents or even forfeited by the Customs.

3. Compensation for lost or damaged shipments Claims are settled according to relevant provisions of the Warsaw Convention. Parcel shipments are compensated according to the customs declaration declared on the invoice issued by the shipping company. However, the maximum compensation for each express ticket shall not exceed US$100.

4. Our company will not bear any consequential losses caused by lost, damaged or delayed shipments.

5. The express request for the claim shall be submitted to our company in writing in the form of a fixed claim form provided by us within the effective time. Over the period of claim, our company will no longer accept the claim.

6, due to the shipment address is wrong or other reasons that can not be delivered, or because the recipient is not willing or unable to provide customs clearance documents so that the express mail can not be cleared at the destination of the customs, if the sender requested to return, we can arrange for the return of the Secretary , but the sender must pay the return fee. If the sending company is not willing to return, it will automatically give up processing and be destroyed by the customs of the destination country, but the sender must still pay the express shipping cost. If we send back the shipment to our company and we do not give further instructions within one month, our company has the right to destroy these shipments. Otherwise, we will collect warehouse rental from the sending agent.