Classroom units across Central Europe and a broad range of organizations involved in business

Jan. 4,2018

BEIJING, December 26 (Han Jiahui) The second plenary session of the China-EU Banlie Transport Coordination Committee was held on the 26th in Chongqing. 38 Central European Class Trades and Business Administration Representatives from Relevant Enterprises and Institutions and Research Institutions attended the conference to sum up the annual work of China and the EU in discussing the development plan for next year. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Head Office specially assigned one person to guide the work.

The relevant responsible person of China Railway Corporation said that with the continuous development of the "Belt and Road", China's economic and trade relations with Europe and other countries along the country have been developing rapidly and the demand for logistics is exuberant. This year, the number of open flights reached 3271, with 57 operating flights arranged in rows and columns and 35 in domestic deltas, and 34 cities in 12 European countries were smoothly connected. The number of returned goods was over half that of the outgoing flights , Showing a good international brand and development prospects.

In May this year, the China-EU Banlie Transport Coordination Committee was sponsored by China Railway Corporation and was jointly established by China Railway Container Corporations and seven Central European Banco local platform companies including Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Gansu, Yiwu and Xi'an China-EU Banco operations management related businesses and units and research institutions involved in the broad coordination of the organization. As a coordinating body at the enterprise level, the committee adheres to the principle of "sharing, building and sharing", sets up the same transport coordination platform and co-ordinates and resolves the problems faced in the development of China-EU trains, further reduces logistics costs and improves operational quality, The high quality and sustainable development of Ba Lei let more people in the region and more corporate customers share the development achievements of Baosteel.

In order to give full play to the role of coordinating mechanism and further improve the operation quality of the EU-China trains in order to be able to carry out the "Belt and Road Initiative" more effectively, the second plenary session will consider the "Rules of Procedure of the China-EU Trainee Coordination Committee, Committee Secretariat Working Rules "and 2018 Committee work plan to study and attract new members to join, focusing on discussing next year to open up new transport routes, the same external bargaining, widening track collection and transport, improve overseas boxes, the establishment of a refrigerator sharing mechanism , To promote the full range of class insurance, strengthen the return source organization and other aspects of work.

It is learned that in the next step, China Railway Corporation will give full play to the lead role of the EU-China Trans-shipment Transport Organization. By utilizing the mechanism of the Joint Transport Group of China-EU Trans-Barrier Transport and the China-EU Trans-Barrier Transport Coordination Committee mechanism, the China Railway Corporation will actively provide full-path coordination for the development of the EU- And all-round support to better serve and implement the national "One Belt and One Road" construction so as to promote the opening up of the country and the localities and the development of international business.

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