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With advanced independent research and development of the international logistics platform, you can at any time online inquiry, booking, tracking, payment one of the order management system.


1. Use the waybill, the name of the goods on the waybill to be completed in English, including: name description, quantity, declared value, HS code.

2. Light bulb cargo, volume weight calculation: long * wide * high / 6000 fraction less than 1KG in accordance with 1KG charge.

3. Compensation: the goods are lost, or by the Customs fined, free shipping and pay a certain fee, the maximum compensation does not exceed 800RMB / votes. Valuable goods, it is recommended to buy insurance.

4. To facilitate the smooth customs clearance of goods, be sure to provide commercial invoice when the triple (English fill in the detailed name of the goods can not be the goods code)

5. Do not take liquid, powder, drugs and other sensitive goods. Such as concealed by the mainland customs confiscated or led to missing, I am not responsible for the Secretary.

6. Because of the transport links more, please ensure that the goods themselves and packaging firmness, fragile goods damaged by the sender responsible.