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Jan. 7,2018

A: Choose the best transportation route and the best transportation program, organize the fair transport

a Various modes of transport have their own relatively fair range of applications and different technical and economic characteristics. In comparison, they must be compared and synthetically analyzed. The first thing to consider is the nature of the goods, the size of the transport, the distance between transportations, the urgency of market demand, the risks The degree and other factors. Such as fresh goods, seasonal goods, requiring fast delivery, prompt delivery, so as not to delay the sales opportunity; precious goods because of the high value of the goods, the strict guarantee of the quality of transport, etc .; In addition, we must consider the level of transport costs and speed The speed, for example, the lower the price of bulk commodities require low shipping costs, in order to reduce commodity costs and increase competitiveness.

b In a unified mode of transport, such as rail or road transport, different types of vehicles may be selected according to different commodities, sea freight may choose liner or non-scheduled shipping, and make full use of the means of transport back empty to transport goods and so on. Choose the right transport route and loading and unloading, transshipment port. In general, direct transport should be arranged as far as possible to reduce the transport handling, transport links, shorten the transport time and save transportation costs. Necessary transit of import and export goods, should also choose the appropriate transit port, transit station. Import and export of goods handling port, the general should try to choose liner routes often docked in the natural conditions and handling equipment better, lower cost ports. The unloading of imported goods, but also according to the flow of goods and bulk cargo to consider the goods, the port of loading of goods loaded, you should also consider the origin or delivery of goods near the export location to reduce the mileage of domestic transport, saving capacity.

c The so-called fair transportation means carrying the minimum mileage according to the characteristics of the goods, the fair flow and the transportation prerequisites. At least, the minimum capacity will be used to transport the goods to the destination by using the minimum capacity and the minimum cost. Therefore, the international transport of goods is based on the specific requirements of goods shipped, taking into account the speed, price, quality and other factors, to obtain the best benefits.

II. Establish a systematic concept and strengthen collaboration with relevant departments to achieve systematic and social benefits In the international transport of goods, we must earnestly strengthen the cooperation among the shippers, transport enterprises, commodity inspection, customs, banking and finance, ports, shipping agencies and freight forwarding and other parts And the contact between enterprises, mutual cooperation, close and close cooperation. Form the concept of bureau system and jointly accomplish the task of international cargo transportation. In particular, as a freight forwarder agency enterprise, we must also comprehensively utilize all aspects of transportation capacity. Starting from the systematic benefits of the integrated transportation system and international commerce as a whole, apart from striving for the economic interests of the enterprise, it is even more important to consider the system benefits and the society Benefit, while improving the enterprise itself, we must consider the corporate social responsibility.

Three: to establish the perspective of the service for the owner, to achieve "safe, rapid, correct, saving, convenient" requirements According to the nature and characteristics of international transport of goods, the task of international cargo transport, after years of practice, Sinotrans Group The "Cross Directive" for the international transport of goods to be "safe, rapid, correct, economical and convenient" has been approved by the vast majority of freight forwarders and relevant agencies.

Therefore, the detailed requirements on the "cross-styled approach" proposed by international freight forwarding companies, especially freight forwarders, are as follows:

1. Safety. Is to require the goods in the transport process to be intact and the safety of all kinds of transport equipment, if the transport process can not maintain the quality of the goods, and even caused a large number of cargo damage, damage and loss, it can not be completed with the quality and quantity of goods If there is a major accident during transportation, the shipwreck will not only fail to accomplish its mission, but will also cause heavy losses of life and property. Therefore, international transport of goods should give top priority to safety.

2. rapid. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the commercial contract to import or export goods in a timely manner or shipped out, not only the international market has the time to rush to speed the issue, the domestic market is also facing this problem, time is efficiency. Only by seizing the opportunity to export goods to foreign markets, will it be conducive to consolidating the export market position of goods.

3. correct. That is, we must correctly transport the import and export goods to the place of delivery, including the proper handling of all kinds of shipping documents, so as to make the single goods conform to each other. Properly collect and pay all kinds of transportation fees and miscellaneous fees, Leak revenue, leakage payment; only the right to speak of good and save, any error occurred, it will certainly cause losses, it is obvious.

4. save. That is, it is required to create more benefits for the country and society by strengthening management and operation, making careful calculations, reducing transportation costs, saving costs and reducing costs, and reducing expenditure on foreign exchange expenses, and using more money to do more.

5. Convenient. Is to streamline the procedures to reduce the level for the sake of the owner, urgent customer urgency, based on customer service. Make every effort to solve problems for our customers, to make customers feel at work procedures, working hours, place of work, the mode of transport used, and supporting services, etc. is very convenient. In short, "safe, rapid, correct, economical and convenient" are mutually restrictive and mutually reinforcing. To become a competitive and first-class freight forwarder agent must follow the requirements of this guideline. This "cross-cutting principle" is The whole of an organic link can be fully considered and properly arranged according to the market's supply and demand, product characteristics, shipping route and capacity, and can be given special emphasis when necessary.

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