DHL International Express is the market leader in the global express delivery industry. Can be sent to 220 countries and regions, to enterprises and private customers to provide professional courier service. DHL International Express Whether small items such as documents or parcels or large cargo, whether it is today, limited time or limited time service, DHL International Express can provide services to meet your needs, Guangdong Maritime International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong DHL Courier agents in the country, the price is reasonable, fast delivery, is your priority international courier service providers.

Service advantages: a wide range of services: services covering 220 countries and regions. Aging advantage: the delivery of 3-5 working days worldwide can be received, the same day the recipient processing, the fastest day can be sent to Hong Kong destination.

Guangdong Hai Tong Tong will achieve seamless connection with DHL customers, the normal pieces delivered to the recipient within 5 days. Clearance ability, DHL as the industry leader in international express delivery, customs and the world to maintain good relations of cooperation, customs clearance of goods is simple, time-sensitive. At any time to provide you with shipment status inquiries and tracking, so you keep abreast of the transit of goods.

FedEx Express is one of the largest express delivery companies in the world, delivering fast, reliable delivery to more than 220 countries across the United States and beyond.

With Global Air and Ground Networks, FedEx Express can deliver shipments with stringent timelines, usually within one to two business days, and deliver on time.

Service advantages: cost-effective, price concessions, customs clearance ability, faster, most countries have obvious price advantages, support for more than one vote, suitable for general cargo, price-conscious customers.

TNT Express provides courier and postal services for businesses and individuals. The TNT Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, offers an efficient delivery network in Europe and Asia and optimizes network performance by expanding the distribution of operations worldwide. Deliver worldwide on-time delivery of parcels, documents and shipping items.

Service Features: With a fast, extensive road network covering all of Europe, we offer a wide range of delivery services to fulfill your client's commitment and expand your market reach. Each week, we have over 55,000 road transport and 700 airplanes traveling to and from Europe! Currently focusing on the European Amazon.

UPS (United Parcel Service), the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company, was established in the United States in 1907 as the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company. UPS is also a specialist transportation, logistics, capital Leading provider of e-commerce services.

The main business is logistics and distribution, transport (including air, sea, road transport, rail transport), freight forwarders, international trade management and customs clearance agents. Advanced logistics equipment, infrastructure and improve business coverage.