Logistics import and export steps?

Dec. 24,2017

1, accept the owner inquiry: Should ask the owner of some of the more important information, such as: destination, port of shipment, gross weight and size, when the cargo began to be shipped, so that you can more easily consider flight-related issues for the voyage Those who have any other requirements, the freight is to choose advance or pay, whether the door to door (if the door to door need to provide the specific address of the consignee); Name of goods: whether it is dangerous goods, whether the need for commodity inspection, Magnets do magnetic inspection, like some chemical products have to provide non-dangerous letters and chemical identification book to transport.

2, to accept the owner entrusted: After receiving the owner bill of lading, carefully review the bill of lading, focusing on testing the completeness of important information; clear to pick up the time and the delivery of the amount of insurance there are other issues.

3, booking: books made of books; single-time system to ensure that the accuracy of the original invoice data and whether it is consistent, in order to make unnecessary changes later, the general who the consignor, consignee and which is the address, telephone And the name of the goods should be filled in correctly; then the power of attorney information will be passed to the agent there, but also to ensure that the other party has received, if there are any other special requirements, you need to confirm the complete and correct special requirements, and then Is to get into the number of Jincang and Jincang map.

4, Jincang: If it is customers to the airport to go, generally should be delivered to the warehouse in advance to the customer, said clearly Jincang number and address, the document should tell the carrier with the goods.

5, the declaration: the necessary export often need to know the relevant information necessary for the export of goods required for the declaration of the relevant information; improve all well-packed all the invoices and invoices, gross weight, net weight, the number and type of packaging, the amount of volume, the accuracy of audit declarations Sex. Export units, customs declaration "on the port" column, if not display the port, but jump out of the country, it is necessary to declare the "mark the mark and notes" column labeled "port of shipment: * **** ", otherwise it will affect the normal tax rebate; Customs declaration shows the goods in the" Chinese name ", need to confront the customs code Daquan, access to product code, the two sides are not the same, according to the code to determine the measurement Of the units, and then follow the regulatory points listed in the Customs lack of customs clearance points; send documents or documents with documents must be carefully checked before packing there is no document missing or data error; follow the release of customs clearance to ensure that with Carry the machine.

6, B / L to confirm and modify: together with the customer to confirm the contents of the bill of lading name is consistent.

7, the signing of the bill: After the clearance of the declaration, the carrier that the fax Lord single and sub-single, according to the main single and sub-single information, Shan copy bill of lading and then convey the information to the customer over there.

8, the cost of settlement: In the accounts receivable due to record the cost of entry occurs, to the "Freight Confirmation List" interface print fax cost list, confirm the return, invoicing (cash, collection, monthly settlement, transfer) .

9, financial transfer

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