Middle East green

Jan. 27,2018

Guangdong Haitong always "respects knowledge, respects talents", and provides a perfect career plan and grand stage for the eight talents.

The company has a group of hard-working, efficient and professional sales and operations team, everyone at all times to maintain unity and hardship, dedicated innovative work style, think customers want, anxious customers urgently and dedication to domestic and foreign customers with safe and efficient transport of goods service

Middle East green

This high-quality service team to create a highly efficient professional service base, to create outstanding logistics professionals. Have customs, commodity inspection, international transport agents and other experienced professionals in all aspects of the experienced, full-service dedicated customer service Clerk full follow-up, gathered a group of high-quality logistics management team. The company's humane management style, consultant-style progressive sales.

Middle East green, to undertake international courier and freight, safe and efficient. International freight forwarding selected Hai Tong Tong, low prices, good reputation, the Middle East green, regular transport companies trustworthy, peace of mind rest assured cooperation

Guangdong Haishang Tong can provide you with one-stop logistics service, one-stop door-to-door transportation service, customs clearance service and collection of goods to Middle East shipping, Middle East transportation, Middle Eastern freight, Services and warehousing distribution services.

Middle East green

The company has a group of hard-working, efficient and professional sales and operations team, everyone at all times to maintain unity and hardship, innovative work style, think customers want, urgent customer urgency and dedication to customers at home and abroad to provide safe and efficient goods shipment service

Logistics is the process by which an item is physically combined with the functions of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, smooth flow, distribution, and information processing according to the actual needs during the period from the supply to the receiving entity. A part of the chain to be flowed is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, low-cost activities and storage of goods, services and related information from the place of production to the place of consumption in order to meet the needs of customers.

Middle East green

It is an export enterprise service with small single export volume, no customs clearance qualification and declaration and inspection information. It has convenient operation procedures and convenient procedures, fast aging, high safety and low price in all export projects in China and Hong Kong.

"Green" is the social responsibility that we always carry out. Therefore, while we insist on the paperless office inside the company, we are always calling on partners and customers as well as all sectors of society to shoulder the responsibility of "saving resources and protecting the earth" obligation.

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Warehouse: No.2 Jiulong Street, 2nd Avenue, Xinping County, Ho Chi Minh City

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