National Express is detached with the customs? ?

Dec. 25,2017

Whether the national courier declaration is detached goods exported directly from the mainland, the general need for commercial declaration, also known as separate declaration (that is separate from the declaration of the vehicle). The applicable commercial terms may also be different, express can be applied to DDU, DDP. The air is generally used in conjunction with CFR, CIF. If the destination package clearance, it can be used in conjunction with the DDU, then the main and international courier only the difference between the cost and timeliness. If not more than how much value, the mainland courier companies may have fast customs clearance channels.

In actual transport, the international express delivery is usually re-exported to Hong Kong after leaving Hong Kong. However, mainland China to Hong Kong has express channels for fast customs clearance. For example, if customers have no import or export rights and no tax refund is needed, many customers ignore this declaration.

Declaration refers to the goods in the export of goods to the State Customs, in principle, all exports need to declare the goods, and has nothing to do with the mode of transport. International courier and international air transport differences mainly in the door-to-door and airport to airport difference, it can be said that international express delivery is the extension of international air services . So as not to delay the flight customs clearance issues. At this time you need a clear individual declaration, and usually will involve paying the declaration. This express declaration method is also common to air transport.

If the company has its own import and export rights, it will take the initiative to propose the need for separate declaration (general commercial declaration), these need to pay attention to check the customer provided the document is complete, the product needs a commodity inspection. The difference is actually not big. Just by air, many companies will not undertake the mainland to Hong Kong's declaration, or will be charged separately, so that customers mistakenly believe that the courier do not have to declare, and air transport need to declare. If you are to take the mainland DHL and other courier companies, courier companies will like to tell you more than the value of a separate declaration.

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