Next year, the country will fully implement the "license separation"

Jan. 3,2018

Reporters learned from the fourth plenary session three times Pudong New District, the FTA will inherit the compression clearance, Bonded Area next year shipping clearance is expected to be shortened to two days, air shortened to 12 hours.

The meeting revealed that focusing on entering the customs clearance of the overall clearance time, uninstall, transfer, storage, all aspects of reform into the field of vision, there is still room for improvement. In this regard, next year Shanghai Free Trade Zone Bonded Area maritime transport by air into the uniform time is expected to continue the compression, maritime uniform customs clearance time 2 days, 12 hours by air , respectively, by 2020 compressed to 24 hours and 6 hours, which will cover the whole District port 95% of the goods.

At the same time, enterprises will also speed up the examination and approval of investment projects, from the acquisition of land to permit the construction permit, with no longer than 15 working days for design projects and 48 working days without design plan; Name library name of the enterprise registration on the spot.

The meeting also revealed that next year "separation of licenses" will fully cover the national, municipal and district level 548 items of market access approval matters, significantly progress in cancellation, alteration of the case, inform the proportion of commitment.

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