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Jan. 29,2018

Only after the customs clearance fulfills various obligations, handles the customs declaration, inspection, tax collection, release and other formalities, can the goods be released and the owner or the declarant can deliver the goods.

We Haishuantong advocating "integrity of doing things, being honest, doing things in charge of" corporate culture, we believe in "creating value, valuable" management philosophy, in the global economic tide, we are committed to good quality and perfect export logistics services Business To achieve the full shipment tracking system, continuous improvement, to provide customers with more efficient, better, most trusted service. Companies adhere to the leading concept of science and technology, the establishment of a modern logistics and transport system, increase office automation, service information, program control, network integration and other aspects of building efforts to promote our internal logistics system constantly updated and perfected.

North American green

Customs Clearance or Customs Clearance refers to the formalities that shall be fulfilled in accordance with the laws and regulations and the delineation when the goods are exported, imported or transhipped into and out of the territory of a country. Similarly, all kinds of means of transport carrying goods for import and export are also required to declare, handle customs procedures and obtain the permission of the customs authorities for their entry, exit or transit. During the customs clearance of goods, whether it is import, export or transshipment, are under the supervision of the Customs, are not allowed to flow freely.

North American green

Horsepower province: suitable for all platforms, fast but not chaotic aging, cost-effective; Covers a wide range of distribution: up to North America, North America throughout the distribution; easy to operate: support for more than one vote; With battery products; can be tracked: orders that get registered, the whole track of specific tracking

Haishang Tong in North America in North America and other places have their own professional customs clearance agency, with extensive experience in the North American transport, to provide customers with professional logistics services in North America, North America transport services, North American clearance services, Collection of payment and storage and distribution services, and provide a full set of formal clearance documents. Division I with the North American transport of various regional customs, law firms, etc. have a good relationship to ensure that a variety of goods within the law permitted by the minimum tariff clearance.

North American green

Hai Tong Tong inspire your peace of mind, the most rest assured, the logistics system service providers! Haitong is committed to providing specialized warehousing, distribution, transportation and freight forwarding services to customers in North America and South America. It also provides customers with tailor-made supply chain integrated logistics information solutions to create the most professional The Americas green transport company

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