Press conference, Shanghai International Airlines formally launched in the United States

Jan. 3,2018

Shanghai International Shipping Research Center recently held a news conference in Shanghai formally launched in the United States.

It is reported that the site by the United States Tulane University Maritime Law Research Center and Shanghai International Shipping Research Center launched in cooperation, after more than 100 employees four years of hard work completed.

After the website launches, it will interface with China's top ten maritime courts, select 100 classic cases each year, turn it into a common language for international shipping industry, and add abstract and comments as appropriate for global shippers to check online for free.

China Maritime Justice Dissemination Platform "is China's first professional platform to promote China's maritime justice to the international shipping community. It marks the precedent of China Maritime Court's excellent precedent going out of the country to tell the world a beautiful and contemporary story of governing China by law.

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