Progress of the times and the rise of air express

Dec. 27,2017

With the progress of the times and the rapid development of science and technology, the quality of people's needs has also been on the rise. Like those far-awaited air couriers , which were originally airlines, airlines, many steps required customers to operate themselves. Caused a lot of inconvenience.

Now, the basic air express company as the main body, the whole arranged, customs clearance, door-to-door service, bulk assembly and other services, a call a message for many troublesome customers save a lot of unnecessary trouble

Express: is a door-to-door logistics activities with mail function, that is, courier companies with trains, cars, airplanes and ships and other means of transport, fast delivery of goods to customers. In many ways, courier is better than the postal mail service.

Domestic courier companies, most of the inter-provincial parts are taking air transport, such as: documents, urgent goods, small parcels, in order to ensure timeliness, or air-based domestic express delivery companies, such as: Guangdong Maritime Shanghai Post has its own aircraft. Other courier companies are directly to the airlines to set positions to air

With the development of expressway, the speed of transportation is improved.Nowadays, many courier companies propose economic courier, or express delivery,

In addition to being faster to reach destinations and requiring sign-off, many couriers now offer mail tracking capabilities, delivery time commitments and other services that are tailored to their needs.

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