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Dec. 22,2017

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The major logistics companies in international logistics are all calculated the same way as international air transportation , ie, the bulk and actual weight are the major ones. For example, bulky and heavy cargoes have the upper hand in billing by air.

International air transport generally can only be sent to the airport, and international logistics is generally door to door. The parcels we are going to mail are mostly delivered to their destinations through these international logistics companies. International Logistics is a package of domestic and customs clearance agent services, delivery package, but not including the target country's tariffs. In some places it is faster to use international air transport and in some places to use international logistics faster.

International air transport is not customs clearance, guests need to go to the airport to take delivery of customs clearance, nor the customs duties.

International air transport is the main airlines, the main international express delivery of the main courier company.

International air transport and international logistics basically no difference in transit time, are a few days or so.

International Logistics 's main service is the file and small package, so his starting price is lower than air transport, aging is also faster, international logistics companies are their own network, tracking and inquiries of goods will be more convenient, And there will be a specific transit record.

For example, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, West Asia, Latin America and Africa and other countries in the logistics services are located in remote countries in the international express delivery company can provide the number of waybill tracking in the logistics company's Web site.

There is a logistics service is the way to the door, you can replace the customer for customs clearance, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other procedures.

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