Singapore Maritime door to door line is the main international routes of Guangdong Haitong Import and Export Co., Ltd., specializing in Singapore shipping bulk cargo assembly of the entire cabinet clearance import, import and export of Singapore international trade, shipping the entire cabinet, bulk Pinxiang, opened in Guangdong to Singapore Round trip line. Guangdong Haitong has more than 10 years of operating experience, Division I and customs, border and related departments have good interpersonal relationships in Guangdong Province, the customs and ports and even peers have a good reputation, whether you are a factory, foreign trade import and export company , Or across the country freight forwarding counterparts, Guangdong Haitong Tong can be your best partner, we will use the ability and integrity of good service every one customer. Bulk Pinxiang an average daily shipment of 1-3 containers shipped to Singapore, that is, that is installed, that is, that is, to go to zero inventory speed advantage. The company is located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Dongguan, Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangxi, Taiwan, Singapore and other places are equipped with their own cargo distribution center, covering China's major coastal cities and Singapore's major ports ...

Guangdong Haitong · heart service

1, Guangzhou to Singapore double line clearance, direct delivery to the door;

2, China arranged to export all procedures for receiving, loading, export, customs and customs clearance, delivery;

3, the consignor only need to provide the goods list and the sender information can be (commercial or personal items can be);

4, fixed ship three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday cut off the cabinet), to the door quick (from the cabinet from 7-10 days to the door);

5, Singapore consignee only pay 7% of the import GST (consumption tax), without any other costs;

6, the scope of delivery: Singapore throughout the delivery, to provide free unloading (human handling of goods), door-to-door service.

7, to provide commercial goods Singapore transit, separate tax, food, medical, cosmetics and other import declaration tax.


1, sensitive goods: all the liquid / powder, automotive engines, drugs, cosmetics, food, desktop computers, imitation brand goods, chemical products, mobile phone batteries, construction steel / steel and steel raw materials.

2, the destination port clearance need to provide the goods of import consignments: food / food additives, cosmetics and raw materials, drugs / drug raw materials, cups, dishes, some eye contact with the eyes of the product, teaching / culture (Books, CD, newspapers, magazines), food packaging supplies, medical supplies / equipment, sex supplies / sexual health products, nutrition, food, beverage processing equipment;

3, do not transport the goods: car battery (with liquid / sulfuric acid / hydrochloric acid), gambling machines, game consoles, electric cars, cars (the whole), fireworks, explosive flammable, lighters, Computer, gold and silver jewelry, sex medicine, tobacco / wine, and the state prohibits the export of all goods;

Guangdong Maritime Import and Export Co., Ltd. is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of Guangdong Province to set up the international transport of goods logistics enterprises, the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, serving the international transport of goods, China to the global import and export logistics, international shipping, international Air cargo, third-country port transshipment, the global shipping the entire cabinet, bulk Pinxiang, customs declaration services, Taiwan Shipping import and export, Taiwan Express, Hong Kong imports, Singapore shipping, ASEAN six countries logistics and the Middle East from the express line, now opened in Australia , New Zealand and Russia routes.