Taiwan green

Jan. 16,2018

Haishang Tong in Taiwan has its own professional agent of the agency clearance agent, with rich experience in the transport to Taiwan, to provide customers with professional logistics services in Taiwan, Taiwan's transport services, customs clearance services in Taiwan, collecting payment and warehousing distribution services, And provide a full set of formal clearance documents. We have been providing our clients with low-cost freight forwarding solutions. This high-quality service team to create a highly efficient professional service base, to create outstanding professional logistics team. The company's humane governance style, the staff-style to enhance the sales of predecessors makes a number of multinational companies and several Fortune 500 companies to become our valued customers. Customs agents through various agents Acting consolidators, the goods will be packaged centrally and then declare. We can use our professional and fair way to deliver the goods you deliver to us through effective air, sea, import and export routes, deliver it quickly and safely from the place of origin to the destination, reduce the unnecessary links in the middle, Reduce your cost.

Taiwan green

Guangdong Haitong always adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented and customer-oriented" and the service tenet of "safe, prompt, correct, timely, saving, convenient and attentive". Customer first, service first and quality first serve guide , To provide customers Pan-Bo, sea, land and air cargo transport services and integrated logistics services, services, import and export Pan-business, manufacturers, liner companies and freight forwarding counterparts.

We will be based on your goods in time and cost requirements to provide you with the best personalized tariffs and the best quality service. Mainly from China's port of departure Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other ports shipped: Regardless of the customer choose any mode of transport, all declarations, 报检, and a series of related export, import information provided by our professional services.

Taiwan's green network to reach the region and more goods in the transit time is short, transportation costs are low, come to the time to determine, to meet the more urgent cargo

Taiwan green

Taiwan Express is the customs company in mainland China and Taiwan express delivery company, relying on Taiwan's own geographical, economic, policy, business and other environmental advantages, through various forms of logistics transit in Taiwan for Taiwan's purchasers and private provide maritime transport, land transport, air transport, warehousing, Customs clearance, insurance and other international logistics services. Guangdong sea to pass to provide you with the maritime transport services to Taiwan, Taiwan transport, freight Taiwan, Taiwan green Taiwan, Taiwan's logistics services to provide one-stop logistics services, one-stop transport door-to-door service, customs clearance services, collection of money Services and warehousing distribution services.

Guangdong Haishang-International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is approved by the State Department of Commerce of an international freight forwarding agency business, Guangdong Haitong backbone of most of the strength from the domestic famous international freight forwarding agency companies, and has been in the freight forwarders Acting industry has many years of seniority, the management team members have many years of experience in the freight forwarders, not only has rich experience in the industry and dedication, progress and extraordinary, the company also has a solid foundation of knowledge and excellent skills, And really responsible, warm and sincere young staff team. As the key to import and export transactions, in the express delivery operations in Taiwan, mainland carriers and import and export companies must obtain effective clearance documents through the customs supervision and control before they can be released.

Taiwan green

Guangdong Sea Commercial Co., Ltd. specializes in international maritime transport, international air transport, international agencies, international declarations, import and export rebates, etc.

With Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places as a base, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, the United States, Malaysia and other places have warehouses, the transport coverage of the world

High efficiency, easy to operate, professional declaration solutions, affordable Guangdong Haishang Tong ~ is your high-quality choice

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