The mainland set to return to Taiwan, the company in order to help collectors in Taobao, Alibaba and mainland manufacturers to purchase back to Taiwan, the company provides transport services, our company can help you go by sea and air back to Taiwan, Taiwan express air timeliness 3-5 Day, Taiwan's small three links 12 to 15 days or so, Taiwan's maritime transport to Hong Kong, aging about 5 days. Shipping: shipping and express air transport two options Payment: You can NT bill, WeChat and Alipay transfer payment and other payment. You Taobao orders, delivery address, fill in our warehouse address, the seller after the delivery, the logistics number also sent a copy, we facilitate the inspection of logistics and transport information, so good goods to the warehouse finishing work. We are mainland China Express Taiwan companies, you are welcome to consult and use our services. WeChat: twshipping, phone: 400 088 9078, phone number: 13532680080, QQ number: 2698941890