TaiWan Shipping

TaiWan Shipping

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Guangdong Maritime Import and Export Co., Ltd. specializing in international shipping 10 years of experience, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the main business is to make China into the global import and export logistics and transport, international trade, trade with third countries, the world's seaborne entire cabinet, bulk fight box, international seaborne exports, air export, import Taiwan's imports of Hong Kong, Guangdong opened to Vietnam, Cambodia, Southeast Asia and from the line, open up the Australian, New Zealand and the Russian market.

Taiwan's shipments to the mainland back to Taiwan the most relaxing all-inclusive freight service we offer all-inclusive service to return to Taiwan, arranged full, formal declaration, train operations, master shipment information anytime, anywhere.

Guangdong Maritime mainland and Taiwan green through franchise ⇔ Taiwan shipping (bulk, LCL, FCL, mini three links) services business benefits: The Company from Jincang, loading, customs declaration, clearance delivery throughout the business to ensure that train services. Shipping: customs clearance of goods from the date of receipt of goods played Guests only 8-10 working days to Taiwan customs procedures, customs clearance and delivery tariffs have any questions welcome inquiries. 2/4/6 loading week.

Operational processes mainland back to Taiwan

Receiving: Warehouse working hours Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to the day 18:00 ------

You can choose to contact us pick-up, you can also own delivery to the warehouse.

Loading: one, three, six loading, customs clearance next day a week. From the date of clearance, 7-9 days to reach the customer.

Unit: it = length × width × height ÷ 6000, received a single item over the truck 100KG fee.