Vietnam Line

Jan. 25,2018

Vietnam Express relies on Vietnam's own geographical, economic, policy, commercial and other environmental factors, through various forms of transit transit, providing maritime transport, land transport, air transport, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance and other international logistics services. Traceable: order to obtain registration, tracking the full track

Vietnam Line

Horsepower province: suitable for all platforms, fast but not chaotic aging, cost-effective Covers a wide range of: delivery range up to Vietnam throughout; easy to operate: support for more than one vote, Vietnam can be general cargo and battery products; Vietnam Customs Is one of the most stringent requirements of all Southeast Asian countries Customs on the document content, logic, and other related issues very seriously, but as long as the submission of the clearance documents meet the requirements, the day you can complete the clearance procedures and remove the goods; if submitted Documents do not meet the delineation, the time is hard to say.Choose Guangdong Haitong, Guangdong Haitong through Vietnam pre-Vietnam clearance market inspection and the local government run-in, and the Vietnamese local customs brokers, customs, warehouses to establish good relations of cooperation . As the key to import and export transactions, in Vietnam Express green transport, domestic manufacturers and import and export companies, must be subject to customs supervision and obtain effective clearance documents before they can be released.

Vietnam Line

Guangdong Maritime Commercial Logistics Co., Ltd., affordable, fast arrived. The company specializes in international green, logistics services in Southeast Asia, has a strict transport organization, improve the management of operations, is a supply chain integrated professional logistics company

Vietnam Line

Shanghai Express logistics, Vietnam Express, across the country to Vietnam green, speed, professional, safety, service, efficiency! Air, land transport, vehicle transport, Vietnam express faster, a variety of transport channels.

Among them, Vietnam Green Line, as the main form of logistics from Shenzhen to Vietnam, provides a convenient form of logistics for domestic enterprises to export their foreign exchange and international raw materials, and to increase the import of equipment and high-end products. Business Phone 0769-23062309 Micro signal and mobile phone: 13532683776 QQ: 1752537316

Business 2 0755-23290633 13686443732 Micro signal and cell phone number: 13532682611 QQ: 1642652079

Business three 020-82119481 15989006838 Micro signal and cell phone number: 13712719036 QQ: 771975762

Toll-free worldwide: 400 088 9078 84-012-64206048

WhatsApp: 861353268008 LINE No .: twshipping

SKYPE: 8613532680080 Facebook: Guangdong Hai Tong Tong

Company website:

Warehouse: Guangzhou Baiyun District Wo Hop Hing Wo Road from the first floor of the container yard

Warehouse: Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, the next ten Wai Wai Fourth floor alley on the first floor

Warehouse: Meiyuan Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, 57

Warehouse: Tainan 7 Jianping Street on the 24th

Warehouse: No.2 Jiulong Street, 2nd Avenue, Xinping County, Ho Chi Minh City

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