Guangdong Maritime Import and Export Co., Ltd. is approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce set up an international logistics company with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Franchise China to Vietnam, the transport of goods, Vietnam land transport, Vietnam Express air, Vietnam shipping.

China <=> Vietnam  import and export cargo transport (dành riêng)

Vietnam Land transport : China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan) → Vietnam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City TP: Hi Chi Minh, Hai Phai) Age: 2-3 days

Vietnam, China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan) → Vietnam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City TP: Hi Chi Minh, Hai Phi Hai Phong)

Aging: 1-2 days

Vietnamese shipping: 20-hour counter 40-foot counter Flat cabinet Open cabinet Special cabinet FROM: Guangdong Hong Kong Yantian Shekou Chiwan Nansha Huangpu → Haiphong Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City TP: Hi Chi Minh, Hong Kong Da Nang)

Aging: 8-10 days

Dongguan to Vietnam direct air transport line 24 hours:

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi, coastal defense, Liangshan, Haiyang, south, Qinghua

Southern Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Pingyang, Longan, Mei Fu, Qianjiang, Dong Nai.

The company has advanced operating fleet, the operation of the full implementation of modern facilities and Internet management, all using computer billing, lose a single, online office and a series of software. Is a professional engaged in warehousing, distribution, circulation, information processing integration of integrated modern logistics service providers. We have a high starting point, the development of ultra-conventional strategy, and strive to build Guangdong Haitong pass East China Line, Central China Line, Southwest green three transport brands, set up a fast round-trip team to ensure that the transit of the timeliness and security.

At the same time focus on the development of human resources, to achieve human management, to take the strategy of internal and external, and continuously improve the staff's ideological quality and technical capacity. Guangdong Haitong through hard work has been with many manufacturers, trading companies, logistics companies to establish a good, long-term, stable relations of cooperation.

At present the company has its own transport vehicles and advanced logistics equipment, the annual cargo throughput of 20 million tons of cargo transport. Guangdong Haicheng Tong adhering to equality and mutual benefit, integrity, customer first, staff first business purposes, to fulfill your satisfaction, in the direction, talent, innovative concept of success, firm unity, innovation, performance, encouragement development; Tenacious struggle, forge ahead entrepreneurial spirit. (Guangdong direct Vietnam Express this invention to the fast, low prices, high quality, good service!)

Vietnamese logistics Vietnamese green Vietnamese freight forwarding parcel sent to Vietnam Guangzhou to send Vietnam Express to Vietnam to Vietnam freight to Taiwan to Vietnam Express Vietnam Road transport

Contact information

Dongguan Business Unit: 86-769-23062309 86-13532681960 Micro Signal: 13712719036

Shenzhen Business Unit: 86-755-23290633 86-13686443732 Micro Signal: TWSHIPPING

Guangzhou Business Department: 86-20-82119481 86-15989006838 Micro Signal:: 13532683776

QQ number online: 1804997491 (Manager Zhang) 1752537316 (Miss Chen) 2698941890 (Huang Sheng)