What are the characteristics of international logistics and transport several different forms

Dec. 29,2017

Seaborne and seaborne are the main modes of transportation by means of ships. Such modes of transportation are mainly the main features of the large amount of transportation and the low cost of capital. The only drawback is that if the ocean is long, it will take a long time.

Railway transportation is a mode of transport between sea and air transport. It has a shorter period of validity than maritime transport. It has a longer transport capacity than air transport. However, it is less than the cost of shipping and the capital cost is also between the two. Recently, Some European countries have opened railways and business contacts have become more convenient.

Multimodal transport is a joint mode of transport , this mode of transport is more flexible, greatly reducing costs, more in line with the needs of the consignor and consignor, the international multimodal transport has many ways, such as: sea and air transport, land and sea Transport, air and land transport and so on.

Pipeline transportation, mainly for the transport of oil, natural gas, a mode of transport, this mode of transport saves a lot of money, and transport capacity, ah, energy sources continue to deliver.

International courier, international express delivery is a means of transport by air, in general, this method is more suitable for small parcels and a small amount of products, but this method is characterized by delivery, more convenient.

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