What are the general steps of shipping? ?

Jan. 2,2018

1. When the goods arrive in Hong Kong clearance need to provide the consignor to provide any information to help the customs clearance, do not send the goods silly when the consignee can not be cleared on the stupid. As long as it is not a prohibited product prescribed by law in China, it basically comes out. But not what consignee can get the entry clearance

Some of these clearance information needs to be fixed before shipping, such as the embassy price tag. For example, embassy endorsement need a month, you can not wait until the goods are done, warehouse rent is rent money. Some do it after sailing.

2. First determine the mode of transport: LCL or FCL? Shipping terms, ex-factory price, FOB, CIF, door price. Detailed price freight forwarding can answer.

3. After confirming the good price, you can send the manifest to the freight forwarding, get the FCL from the freight forwarding, or LCL warehouse receipt, you can arrange the towing trailer, and prepare the export clearance documents.

4. Delivery or loading, but also the pier.

5 customs clearance pending release. After the release, wait for the boat.

6. Payment to the freight forwarding, get the bill of lading, together with complete customs clearance information to the recipient. The rest is the recipient of the basic thing.

7. The recipient received clearance information, arrival notification, you can begin customs clearance, and then pay the same degree of royalty can be picked up.

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