What does fcr mean?

Jan. 12,2018

Is the International Association of Freight Forwarders Association of Associations (FIATA) to their organization for the international freight forwarding agent recommended documents used by the freight forwarding agent to confirm the receipt of the goods


What does fcr mean?

When "the goods are delivered to the consignee", that is, the agent of the freight forwarder promised to "deliver" the goods to the destination in accordance with the transportation requirements specified by the FCR, the freight forwarder's agent is actually in the legal status of the NVOCC and the issued FCR should be regarded as a transport document, the contract confirmed by the transport, by China's maritime law adjustment, should belong to "documents other than the bill of lading." "When the FCR only records" placing the goods under the control of the consignee ", the contractual relationship between the agent and the consignee of the freight forwarder is entrusted, and the agent of the freight forwarder collects the consignee's instructions on the consignee's behalf Goods, LCL, charter booking, etc., then FCR only has the function of goods receipt, not a sea cargo transport documents. What does fcr mean?

FCR: Forwarders Certificate of Receipt The freight forwarding agent received the goods confirmed. Article 80 of China's Maritime Code stipulates that the carrier's issuance of documents other than bills of lading is prima facie evidence of the contract of carriage of goods by sea and the carrier's receipt of the goods listed in the document.

From the FCR literal point of view, this document is only a receipt issued by the agent of the freight agency, not the transport document, but according to the FCR samples issued by FIATA and the use of the FCR, the freight forwarder agents are in obvious frontal positions in the FCR It states: "We place the goods under the control of the consignee or the consignee on the basis of irrevocable instructions, which is currently used by many international supermarket buyers such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

What does fcr mean?

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