What is the international freight, what is the role?

Jan. 6,2018

Acting as an international freight forwarding agent, it understands the international business links and understands all kinds of transportation business. It understands that the relevant laws, regulations and business relations are extensive. The sources of information are correct and timely, and are compatible with all kinds of carriers, warehousing operators, insurers, ports, airports, There are close and intimate business relations among the relevant government departments such as the customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control, etc., no matter the recipient or the consignor of the imported or exported goods is still For carriers and ports, airports, railway stations, warehouse operators have an important bridge and link. It can not only promote the development of international business and international transport, but also think that the creation of foreign exchange sources by the state plays an important role in promoting the national economic development and the globalization of the world economy.

Only for the client, at least can play the following role:

(A) the role of organization and coordination International freight forwarding agents have traditionally been known as "transport designer", "door to door" transport organizers and coordinators. With its transportation know-how and other relevant knowledge, organize transport flows, design shipping routes, select modes of transport and carriers (or shippers) to coordinate shippers, carriers and their relationships with warehouse keepers, insurers, banks, ports, airports , Stations, yard operators and customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, plant inspection, import and export control and other relevant authorities, can save the client time, reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble, with intent to focus on the main business.

(B) the role of professional services International freight forwarding agent's own job is to use their own professional knowledge and experience for the consignor to provide the goods contract, delivery, assembly, shipping, unloading, delivery services, commissioned by the client entrusted to handle Customs insurance, commodity inspection, health inspection, plant and animal husbandry inspection, import and export control procedures, and even agents and agents sometimes charge d'affaires, collect shipping charges, advance taxes and government fees. By providing a variety of professional services to the clients, the agents of international freight forwarders can enable the clients not to spend more time and energy on the business fields that they do not know enough, and to make the inconvenience or the difficulty of relying on their own strength to get proper and effective Processing, help to improve the client's work efficiency.

(C) the role of communication and control International freight forwarding agents have a wide range of business relations, developed service network and improve the information technology means predecessors, can be maintained at any time between the transport of goods between persons, the goods transport between people and other related businesses, part of Effective communication, the entire process of transport of goods for the correct tracking and control to ensure the safety of goods, arrived in time for the destination, the smooth handling of the relevant procedures, the correct delivery of the consignee, and at the request of the principal to provide the entire process of information services and Other related services.

(IV) Role of Counseling Staff International freight forwarding agents know well the international business links and know all kinds of transportation business. They know the relevant laws and regulations and understand the situations in different parts of the world. The sources of information are correct and timely. They can provide information on the packing, storage, loading and unloading of goods And care, the transport of goods, transport routes and transport costs, cargo insurance, import and export documents and settlement of prices, consular, customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, plant inspection, import and export control requirements of the relevant authorities To the client to provide clear and detailed advice, to assist the client design, choose the appropriate solution to avoid, reduce unnecessary risk, setbacks and extravagance and time.

(E) reduce the cost of international freight forwarding agents grasp the transport of goods, storage, loading and unloading, insurance market, and the transport of goods, warehousing, port, airport, station, yard operators and insurers have long-term , Close and friendly cooperation, with rich professional knowledge and business experience, favorable negotiating position, skilled negotiating skills, through the efforts of international freight forwarders agents, you can choose the best shipping routes, mode of transport, the best Warehouse custodians, home-assistants and insurers for fair and equitable rates, and even benefited all relevant parties through the fleet-stacking effect so as to reduce the business cost of the people involved in the carriage of goods and improve the efficiency of its main business.

(F) the role of financial intermediation International freight forwarding agents and cargo transport relations, storage custodians, handling homework and banks, customs authorities understand each other, are closely related, long-term cooperation and mutual trust, the agent of international freight forwarding can In lieu of income, the consignor to pay for the cost, taxes, advance with the carrier, storage custodian, homeworker billing related costs, by virtue of their strength and credibility to the carrier, storage custodian, homeworker and handling banks, Customs authorities to provide cost, tax guarantee or risk guarantee, can help clients through financing, reduce the occupation of funds, improve capital efficiency.

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