With the progress of the times, international logistics has become an indispensable existence

Dec. 28,2017

The implementation of the international strategy of enterprises, so that enterprises in different countries in the production of parts, accessories, assembly or assembly in other countries the whole machine, the link between the production of enterprises also need to rely on international logistics . As a result, the company's international logistics also referred to the agenda, companies must support this international business strategy, update their own logistics concepts, expand logistics initiatives, according to international logistics requirements of the original logistics system transformation.

From an enterprise perspective, multinationals have developed rapidly in recent decades. Not only are multinationals already internationalized, but even the most capable ones are pursuing international strategies. Companies are looking for business opportunities around the world to find the best market , To find the best production base, which will be the area of ​​economic mobility of enterprises must be extended from a region, from one country to the international.

After the end of the Western and Western tactics, the momentum of commercial internationalization has become more and more prosperous. With the removal of international commercial barriers and the establishment of a new international commercial organization, a number of regions have broken through the boundaries of national boundaries to form the same market, The new situation, the form of international logistics also will continue to change.

International logistics is an important logistics field in modern logistics system. It has developed greatly in recent ten years and is also a new form of logistics. Therefore, in recent years, scholars from all countries have paid close attention to and studied international logistics. The theme of the Ninth International Logistics Conference is "Logistics beyond the Boundary." The concepts and methods of logistics are expanding with the internationalization of logistics. For multinational corporations, international logistics is not only determined by the flow of commerce, but also an inevitable product of its own production and circulation.

International logistics is the logistics between different countries. This logistics is a necessary part of international commerce. The mutual business between countries is ultimately achieved through international logistics.

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